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PICASONA ENTERPRISES (PSE) is a Proprietorship firm having its Registered/Administrative Office at 20, Shib Krishna Daw Lane, Kolkata - 700 054 is one of the Pioneers and Leading Railway Contractors. The Firm under the proprietorship and able leadership of Shri Ramesh Prasad is a premier house serving different Indian Railways in Signaling & Telecom Sector for the last more than two decades.

The organization is also equipped with a team of retired, ace Railway Engineers with their lifelong versatile ideas, proficiency, vast knowledge and experience in Planning, Designing, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance in all sectors of Engineering & Signaling/Telecom Works. The expertise provides solution to all Technical problems particularly related to Signal & Telecommunication works as well as Civil Engineering.

The firm carries out detailed designs and drawings for all types of Signaling/Telecom Works. Many numbers of Signaling & Telecommunication works awarded to Picasona Enterprises have been successfully completed and are also being done on a regular basis with elan under jurisdiction of Eastern Railway, South Eastern Railway, Railway Electrification, CORE, Allahabad, RITES, IRCON etc.

Amongst the huge Railway Systems Commissioned by Picasona Enterprises some mentionable works are i) Supply and modification of signaling works at 9 stations in Bandel-Katwa section (for R.E.), ii) Doubling work at Khana to Bolepur in HWH. Division, E. Rly. iii) MACLS works from Barasat to Hasnabad in Sealdaha Divn of Eastern Railway, iv) Signaling and P.I. work at Aranghata to Gede Section (for R.E.), v) MACLS and LC Gates works at Krishnanagar to Lalgola (for R.E.), vi) Supply and P.I. works at Dum Dum Cantt. to N.S.C Bose Airport (for Metro Rly.), vii) Block working between Jn. Cabin Kanthi & Kanthi-Digha & P.I. work at Kanthi-Digha stations for Tamluk-Digha section under Kharagpur division of South Eastern Railway, viii) P.I, MACL Sig. Post and other works at Tollygunje-Garia section of Metro Rly. Kolkata; -- all these above mentioned eight (8) Nos. of works were inaugurated by the then Hon'ble Cabinet Ministers for Railways, Govt. of India.

Specialist Services to the Railways in the recent past:

Picasona Enterprises possesses the full range of technical competence and expertise and its activities comprises of all the concerned wings required for undertaking the Survey and Construction of Private Railway sidings such as Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Signal & Telecommunication Engineering etc. The firm has successfully completed a number of Construction works/Projects for Private Railway sidings and has received due appreciations and commendations from the different/widespread zonal Railways as well as from Metro Railway, and for Siding works of the Steel Industries for efficient installation, completion and commissioning of such projects within the targeted time frame.


  1. Mr. Sushil Kumar Sinha (IRSE Retd.) Ex. Chief Engineer, Eastern Railway
  2. Mr. S. R. Thakur : Retd. IRTS, Advisor Traffic/Ministry of Railway
  3. Mr. S. Ganguly : Retd. Principal CSTE/ Eastern Railway
  4. Mr. R. Manjhi (IRTS Retd.) Ex. CTPM & CPTM, Eastern Railway
  5. Sib Sankar Pandey (IRTS Retd.) Ex. Sr. DOM (G), ASN, Eastern Railway
  6. Mr. G. D. Chandolia : Retd. Dy.CSTE/Northern Railway
  7. Mr. S. K. Mallik : Retd. IRTS, Ex. Dy. Chief Commercial Manager, E. Rly.
  8. Mr. S. B. Bhadra : Retd. AEN/ South Eastern Railway
  9. A. B. Chowdhury : Retd. AEN/ Eastern Railway
  10. Mr. A Chatterjee : Retd. DEE/South Eastern Railway
  11. Mr. P.K. Das : Retd. Dy. CSTE/E.Rly
  12. Mr. D. B. Ghosh : Retd. ASTE/
  13. Mr. P. K. Rudra : Retd. ADE/South Eastern Railway
  14. Mr. V.K. Verma : Retd. SI/RE
  15. Mr. Pradip Kumar Roy : Retd. Signalling Engineer / Eastern Railway (Now working in abroad)
  16. Gautam Kumar Nandy : Retd. Sr. Section Engineer /P.Way/ East Central railway

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